Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekly Favorites!!!!

This week favorites goes to these lovely products. Thank you for making this week a little less complicated!!

Silk Elements Heat Protection Creme
Early this week I straightened my hair and this product was useful for the blow drying and straightening part of my hair styling. There's no heat damage here.
Olay Fresh Effects 
I brought these because they were on sale ($2.50) at Walmart, later that night I used one and to my surprise these are exfoliating wet clothes. However, on the other side is a smooth surface for a gentle clean. Two for one deal, I think yes.  

Flower Nail Polish
I also brought this nail polish at Walmart because I was on sale($2.00).. I have a lot of dark nail polishes so I thought I should try out a lighter color. I am in love with this nail polish it's called Fanatical Bontanical. To me the color resembles a Rose Gold color. 

Flower Perfume
I brought this perfume after Christmas because guess what??? It was on sale (5.00). It came in those holiday box set with a lipstick and a nail polish (I gave those two to my friend) but I kept the perfume. It's called Cherished. I loved the smell of it it's so light and airy (if that makes sense). If you love Victoria's Secret "Lovely" then you will love this sent too.  

City Color & Wet'N'Wild Lipstick
I mentioned in another weekly favorite post how I love the Wet 'N' Wild lipstick in the color  
Mocha-licious but now I love it in a combination with the City Color lipstick in the color Spice.
Spice is a summer lipstick but with a light layer of Mocha-licious it can be worn in the winter, 

               Spice                                                                     Spice & Mocha-licious  

That is the end of my weekly favorites. What were weekly favorites??? Also, do you have suggestions on new products I should try???

Peace & Love, 
Melanie Paige

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