Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekly Favorites!!

Three weeks down and two more to go until January is over. This week brought on a lot of stress and disappointments. However, these are the products that help me make til today. These products made me look good, feel good, and help me not to become a murderer (lbs). 

Going clock-wards:
  • My E.L.F. liquid eyeliner gave my tired eyes a boost of fierceness (the winged eye was my bff)
  • This stress relief lotion help me to battle all the stress that was thrown my way it kept calm and relaxed (I own the body wash, candle, and another lotion in this scent) I love it!!
  • No look is ever done without the right lipstick. And for this week my go to lippie was this matte  lipstick from Wet N Wild in the color mochalicous. This is the perfect nude/homage to the 90s drugstore lipstick I've came across.  This gave a boost of confidence I needed and it last for 4 hours.  
  • This Fiber One Bar saved me a lot this week. I don't about you but this bar fills me up every time I eat it. It saved me so much money on fast food if I know I am going to be out of the house for a while I will put one of these bars in my bag. Therefore when I would hungry out there in the world I could eat this and would be able to make home with spending money on food. $$$$$
  • I love mascara... Mascara is my second favorite makeup product (lipstick is 1st). Mascara can really transform your eye. So instead of people looking at the bags under your eyes they can focus on how "fleek" your eyelashes are..( For more of my thoughts on this mascara check this video)  
  • Lastly, these headphones saved me this week. I have small ears so ear buds do not stay in my ear because they can not fit in my ear-hole. They are always popping out every time I moved around (super annoying).  So I found these Samsung earphones and they fit!!! And now I can work out and do another while listening to music. Yay me!!
So tell me guys what were your favorite/go to products this week??

Well until next time
Peace & Love,
Melanie Paige

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