Monday, January 12, 2015


Hello everybody and Happy Monday. January is half way done and I need to get rolling on this blog!!! So today I am sharing with you all the two lippies I have been loving for this month. I say lippies because 1 is a matte lipstick and the other is a semi-matte lip gloss. 

This matte lipstick by Hikari has got to be my favorite red lipstick thus far. I receive this lipstick from Lip Monthly for the month of November. Ever since then whenever I wanted a red lip look I would always choose this lipstick. I have featured this lipstick in a couple videos on my youtube channel ( FOTD & Beauty Fav) check those out for more details.  

Now this semi-matte lip gloss by Magnolia I received from Lip Monthly as well in my December bag, I call this a semi-matte lip gloss because it starts off glossy but as time goes it becomes matte. I would recommend that you put moisturizer on your lips before because it can leave your lips dry. But other then that I love the settle color and it lasts for a long time too.


Next week I'll be talking about the Covergirl Tru Magic: The Luminizer. Will I like it, will I dislike it? Check back next week. 

Peace and Love, 

Melanie Paige.  

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